Bonding Song Bags

Miss Hopper is preparing some bonding song bags for parents to share with their children.

Here at Bexley Manor Nursery School we always encourage children to share books. A love of books, stories and shared reading is a big part of life at Nursery and we encourage them at home too. It is a wonderful opportunity to snuggle and bond. It can be a lovely relaxing part of the bedtime routine and a super way to chat with children and expand their vocabulary.

Some children find it more difficult to sit still and focus on a book so we are introducing song bags as an alternative / addition for the toddlers to borrow from Nursery and share with you at home.

These song bags will contain a small toy linked to a simple song or rhyme that you can sing with your child. Many of them will be familiar favourites others may be new. (Do ask us for the tune or search the internet if you are not sure).

The rhythm and repetition of singing is very important for the devel0pment of speech and language and children love songs.

We do hope you enjoy these new song bags.