Child Safety Week – 3 – 9 June 2019

Accidents happen in the blink of an eye and many parents feel overwhelmed by the ever mounting pressure of demands for their time and attention.

In a hurry sometimes things get forgotten or overlooked, but sometimes a small change or greater awareness can make things much safer for your child both at home and out and about. Some things in the way we live today raise new safety issues for our children:

  • coffee – many of us visit coffee shops regularly and carry hot cups of coffee and drink on the go. This is a scalding hazard for small children
  • washing capsules – ensure these are stored securely. They are very appealing and dangerous for your children
  • small lithium cell batteries are poisonous and can cause death when swallowed

Safety is always given the highest priority at nursery so we are always interested in the latest information and keen to raise awareness.

There are a few safety messages on pages 5 – 10 of the following guide: