School Readiness

As we start the Summer term, many children and their parents are preparing for the transition to ‘big’ school.

There are lots of school readiness checklists available and articles appear in the news. At this time of year there is often a big panic about school readiness.

At Bexley Manor we work hard all year round to help children meet their individual goals and next steps. It is an ongoing process preparing children for their transitions and helping them to acquire the skills they need, as well as enjoying the journey and their experiences along the way.

It is very important to remember some children will be nearly 5 when they start school, whilst others will have only just turned 4. But generally speaking parents can help their children by encouraging them to:

  • become more independent in their self care ie using the toilet, washing their hands, wiping their own nose
  • get dressed/undressed, changing their shoes and putting on their own coat and doing it up
  • verbalise their needs eg feeling ill/hungry/thirsty etc
  • be interested in learning; to notice, observe and ask questions about their environment and their experiences. To engage in books and focus on the activity they are participating in
  • identify themselves; their name, age, family and friends, basic facts about themselves and their life
  • listen to and follow simple instructions
  • respond to boundaries and take responsibility for their actions
  • interact, share and play age appropriate games with other children and adults.

So Top Tips:

  1. don’t worry
  2. make time to talk – about everything
  3. share stories, sing songs and play games
  4. try getting into the school routine
  5. phase out naps – this will be easier if there is a good bedtime routine
  6. nutritious meals and plenty of sleep – this will help concentration and learning