Christmas Fun

Christmas celebrations start early at Bexley Manor Nursery School. We try hard to wait for 1st December before putting up the decorations and singing Christmas songs.

The children, however, have other ideas! (we are sure ‘Jingle Bells’ will continue well into the New Year too!)

Christmas lunch provided by Zebedees was delicious and enjoyed by lots of staff and children.

We’ve been busy creating beautiful displays, decorations and gifts for home and nursery and we’ve been practising our songs and dances.

Everyone wore bright and colourful Christmas jumpers on Friday 14 December; Mrs Kinnaird even came as a Christmas tree!

Tinsel the Christmas Elf has been up to mischief, making snowy footprints and playing with the glitter. We must’ve been good though because we had a surprise visit from Father Christmas… was so exciting! (and a little scary for some of us too!)


We are all looking forward to the last week of Nursery before the Christmas holidays. We can’t wait to play party games, enjoy our tasty Christmas snacks and have lots of Christmas fun.

We are hoping our Mummies and Daddies will enjoy our Christmas sing-a-long too!