Settling In

As we start a new school year, lots of children are settling into new routines, new schools and nurseries or new classes.

This can be a tricky time for some children (and parents), whilst others take it in their stride. At Bexley Manor Nursery we are all very experienced at helping families and supporting children through this stage. How children cope with the separation from their family, carers and home routine varies for each child and family and it will depend on personalities, previous experiences and how adults manage the process and their own feelings.

Our priority is always the children’s well being. They are all individual¬† little people who will be at the centre of what we are aiming to do in order to enable parents to go off to work happy and secure in the knowledge that we will work with them and their children to settle into nursery life.

We provide children and families with transition books which show a few photographs of the staff, rooms and important areas of nursery. These enable children to show everyone their new school or classroom.

We are a small nursery so over time all the staff get to know the children; we are like a nursery ‘family’ and we hope this feeling and environment will help all the children, babies, toddlers and preschool, settle quickly and happily. Hopefully this positive start will hold them in good stead for all the future transitions in their lives.

A few top tips to help:

  • – Keep communicating: tell us if your child is under the weather, hasn’t slept, had a late night etc
  • – Give us as much information as possible about your child. Provide comforters, favourite toys, dummy etc. Something that ¬† ‘smells’ like mummy or daddy can help little ones settle for a nap
  • – Children may like to bring in something to show their teachers or friends at circle time or a carrot for Pebbles the guinea pig.¬† This can give them a purpose, a reason to come through the door.
  • – For older children, hold hands and walk them to the door, rather than carry them
  • – Be honest with your child and always say goodbye; don’t try to sneak away
  • – Once you’ve said goodbye, go and please don’t hesitate. Children are very good at picking up on your anxieties. Often they cry when you go but very quickly settle into the activities around them and staff are always happy to give a cuddle and some reassurance. We will aim to use EYlog to send you a happy picture when we can; however, being with the children is always the priority.
  • – Be positive about the experience. Say “have a lovely day” rather than “will you be ok?”


Please remember you can always pick up the phone to speak to us and ask about your child.