6 Little Ducks Went Swimming One Day

We have been looking after some ducklings.

They were delivered as six little eggs in an incubator last week. We kept them warm and over 3 days 6 little ducklings hatched out!

We did try to name them Quakers, Billy, Dinosaur, Baby Duck, but it is very hard to tell them apart and they grow so fast.

They are messy little ducklings; we have to clean them out several times a day. Mrs Webb took them home for the weekend – they woke her up in the night! We have been feeding them and giving them water to drink and to play with.

This week they have been for a swim – first they paddled in shallow water. It was very funny, they are so fast.

Then they had some deeper water to swim in.

It has been lovely to look after them. We have learnt lots. On Friday they are going back to the farm. When they are big enough they will live outside.